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Teachers, I have adapted my student webpage to contain information that you can use. I cannot post my tests, as students will undoubtedly find them here.


Science Binder. The following is a list of things that you should have in your science binder for this unit.  Updated as of September 19th.


Science Title Page

Definitions Page (found here)

 Design an Experiment Planning Sheet (a copy may be found here, one student/group will have in binder)

 Design an Experiment Worksheet (one student/group will have in binder)

Science Lab Safety Activities (found here)


This list is now complete.



Other Documents. There are a few other documents that have been used in this unit, they are not expected to be in your binder, but are here for your reference.  Updated as of September 19th.


Elephant Toothpaste (a copy may be found here)

Bouncing a Ball Experiment Sheet (a copy may be found here)

 Example Experiment Planning Sheet (a copy may be found here)

 Example Experiment Worksheet (a copy may be found here)

 Example Completed Experiment Worksheet (a copy may be found here)

 Example Experiment Rubric (a copy may be found here)

Safety Test



SmartBoard Notes. In this section you will find information that was shown on the SmartBoard during class.  Keep in mind that each class may have slightly different notes, but the information will be the same overall.  Updated as of September 19th.


Lesson #1 Introduction
Lesson #2 Scientific Method
Lesson #3 Design an Experiment
Lesson #4 Design an Experiment - Work Period
Lesson #5 Design an Experiment - Work Period
Lesson #6 Safety
Lesson #7 Safety Quiz

Weekly Quiz.  We will have a weekly quiz this year, in an attempt to help you keep on top of the learning.  The quiz questions are posted outside of my room, as well as here, approximately 5 days prior to the quiz.



See our current unit for quiz information.



This week  (September 12th)

On your quiz you will be asked to explain what a hypothesis is, what a control is, and what sources of error are. You will also provide an example of each.

Next week  (September 19th)

There is no quiz this week. We will be just finishing our introduction unit, and you will be writing your safety test on (or around) this day.

Next week  (September 26th)

Your quiz will be posted on the Cells webpage when it is activated.



Assignments.  These are the assignments that have been assigned for this unit. If there is no due date set, you will not submit it, simply complete it and have it in your binder.

Note:  Dates that assignments were assigned are approximate, as I teach four classes, and not on the same day.

Science Title Page

Assigned: Sept 3rd

Due: With Binder

You are required to make a title page for the front of your binder.  The page must have the word "Science" on it, it must have a definition of science and it must include at least four images that relate to science.

Design an Experiment

Assigned: Sept 6th/9th

Due: Sept 17th

In a group of three you were to choose an experiment (real or fictional) and fill out a planning sheet, indicating the aspects of the scientific method.  You were then to develop a digital worksheet (example) for your experiment, something that a teacher would give to a student.  Once done, you are to print out a copy of your worksheet and fill it in with mock information (example).
Science Safety

Assigned: Sept 20th

Due: With Binder

This worksheet had three simple safety based activities.  These activities were designed to stimulate conversation.  The first activity showed a picture of a lab, with several safety infractions.  We made a list of all that we could find.  The second activity had us labelling HHPS and WHMIS symbols.  The final activity was to look at things found in our lab, and then list safety concerns for those objects.