Science Binder. The following is a list of things that you should have in your science binder for this unit.  Updated as of September 20th.



Cell Title Page

Definitions Page (found here)



Other Documents. There are a few other documents that have been used in this unit, they are not expected to be in your binder, but are here for your reference.  Updated as of September 20th.


Diseases Presentation (this was a shared Google presentation)



SmartBoard Notes. In this section you will find information that was shown on the SmartBoard during class.  Keep in mind that each class may have slightly different notes, but the information will be the same overall.  Updated as of September 20th.


Lesson #1 Introduction to Cells


Weekly Quiz.  We will have a weekly quiz this year, in an attempt to help you keep on top of the learning.  The quiz concepts are posted outside of my room, as well as here, approximately 5 days prior to the quiz.

This week  (September 20th)

No quiz this week, you will be writing your safety test on or around this day.

Next week  (September 27th)

The questions for your quiz will be derived from the Kahoot game we played. To gain access to that game you can visit:

You will need to create an account (you have to say you are over 16). When you do, search the public Kahoots and look for “Introduction to Cells” by yours truly, MrCollinson (no space).

If you paid attention in class, you should be fine.

Assignments.  These are the assignments that have been assigned for this unit. If there is no due date set, you will not submit it, simply complete it and have it in your binder.

Note:  Dates that assignments were assigned are approximate, as I teach four classes, and not on the same day.

Cells Title Page

Assigned: Sept 20th

Due: With Binder

You are required to make a title page for the start of this unit.  The page must have the word "Cells" on it and at least four relevant pictures.  It is up to you to decide what else you would like to do to it.