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Science Binder. The following is a list of things that you should have in your science binder for this unit.  Updated as of November 14th.



Cell Title Page

Definitions Page (found here)

 Characteristics of Living Things Chart (a copy may be found here)

 Cell Theory Note (See lesson 3)

 Cell Organelles (a copy may be found here)

 Microscope Sketch (a blank copy may be found here)

 Plant Cells - Onion Skin (a copy may be found here)

 Cells Information (a copy may be found here)

 Cheek Cells Observations (see instructions here)

Creek Water Observations (see instructions here)

 How Cells Get Energy (a copy may be found here)

 Cellular Reproduction Questions (a copy may be found here)

 Cell Membrane Note (a copy may be found here)

 Diffusion (a copy may be found here)

 Investigating Cancer (a copy may be found here, answers here)

 Tissues Note (a copy may be found here)

 Celery Experiment (a copy may be found here)

 End of Unit Review (a copy may be found here)


This list is now complete.


Binder due Nov 21st




Other Documents. There are a few other documents that have been used in this unit, they are not expected to be in your binder, but are here for your reference.  Updated as of November 30th.


Diseases Presentation (a copy may be found in your shared documents)

Unicellular Organisms Presentation (a copy may be found in your shared documents)

Cell Organelles Reading (a digital set may be found here)

Organelle Flashcards (a digital set may be found here)

Organelles Video (the video may be found here)

Microscope Sketch Checklist (a copy may be found here)

Microscope Report Information (all information may be found here)

Cheek Cells Observation Instructions (a digital set may be found here)

Plant vs Animal Cell Questions (See lesson 10 and your Google classroom)

Creek Water Observation Instructions (a digital set may be found here)

Cell Energy Reading (a digital set may be found here)

Mitosis Video (a digital set may be found here)

Cancer Reading (a digital set may be found here)

Specialized Cells Information (a copy may be found in your shared documents)

Organ System Readings (a copy of all four may be found here)

Organ System Presentations (a copy may be found in your shared documents)

Manipulating Cells Conversation Topics (a copy may be found here)


Microscope Pictures


Flower Petal

Onion Skin

Cheek Cells

Creek Water

Other Microscope Images



This list is now complete.




SmartBoard Notes. In this section you will find information that was shown on the SmartBoard during class.  Keep in mind that each class may have slightly different notes, but the information will be the same overall.  Updated as of November 30th.


Lesson #1 Introduction to Cells
Lesson #2 Characteristics of Living Things
Lesson #3 Cell Theory
Lesson #4 Organelles
Lesson #5 Organelles
Lesson #6 Microscope Review
Lesson #7 Plant Cells - Onion Skin
Lesson #8 Plant Cells - Onion Skin
Lesson #9 Microscope Report
Lesson #10 Animal Cells - Human Cheek
Lesson #11 Single Celled Organisms - Creek Water
Lesson #12 Work Period
Lesson #13 Cell Energy
Lesson #14 Cellular Reproduction
Lesson #15 Cell Membranes
Lesson #16 Equilibrium
Lesson #17 Cancer
Lesson #18 Specialized Cells
Lesson #19 Tissue
Lesson #20 Celery Experiment
Lesson #21 Cells Unit Review
Lesson #22 Organ Systems - Planning
Lesson #23 Organ Systems - Presentation
Lesson #24 Review Take-up
Lesson #25 Microscope Development
Lesson #26 Manipulating Cells
Lesson #27 Unit Test
Lesson #28 Unit Test
Lesson #29 Unit Test


Weekly Quiz.  We will have a weekly quiz this year, in an attempt to help you keep on top of the learning.  The quiz concepts are posted outside of my room, as well as here, approximately 5 days prior to the quiz.

Please see our current unit for quiz information.


This week  (September 26th)

The questions for your quiz will be derived from the Kahoot game we played. To gain access to that game you can visit:

You will need to create an account (you have to say you are over 16). When you do, search the public Kahoots and look for “Introduction to Cells” by yours truly, MrCollinson (no space).

If you paid attention in class, you should be fine.

Next week  (October 3rd)

No quiz, I will be up at Camp Couchiching.


Next week  (October 10th)

Your quiz this week will be based on the Cell Theory.


Next week  (October 17th)

Your quiz this week will be based on the functions of cell organelles.

Next week  (October 24th)

Your quiz this week will involve labelling cells.


Next week  (October 31st)

For your quiz this week you should be familiar with what each organelle does for the cell. You will need to be able to compare this information to what specific parts of a multicellular organism do for the organism as a whole.


Next week  (November 7th)

The topic of your quiz this week is cells and energy.


Next week  (November 14th)

On your quiz this week you will be asked to define one of the following words:

• Permeability
• Diffusion
• Osmosis
• Active Transport

You will also solve an equilibrium problem (similar to what we will do, and take up, in class).


Next week  (November 21st)

Your quiz this week will be based on tissues.


Next week  (November 28th)

The last quiz of this unit will be based on Organ Systems. You will choose one organ system (not the one you presented), state some of the main organs in that system and also explain the general function of that organ system.


Next week  (December 5th)

No quiz, we will be writing our test.


Next week  (November 28th)

The quiz you write this week will be to write out the particle theory of matter.




Assignments.  These are the assignments that have been assigned for this unit. If there is no due date set, you will not submit it, simply complete it and have it in your binder.

Note:  Dates that assignments were assigned are approximate, as I teach four classes, and not on the same day.

Cells Title Page

Assigned: Sept 22nd

Due: With Binder

You are required to make a title page for the start of this unit.  The page must have the word "Cells" on it and at least four relevant pictures.  It is up to you to decide what else you would like to do to it.
Characteristics of Living Things Chart

Assigned: Sept 26th

Due: With Binder

For this activity you were to think about non-living things that display the characteristics of living things.  You were given a chart to fill out, listing these non-living things, and then proving that they are non-living by indicating which characteristic they did not display.
Cell Theory Note

Assigned: Sept 28th

Due: With Binder

This note was simply a written list of the six postulates of the cell theory, as were found on the fourth slide of lesson 3 of our unit - you may print that page out, as opposed to hand-writing it.
Cell Organelles

Assigned: Oct 3rd

Due: With Binder

This activity involved making a summary note about cell organelles.  You were to use a reading page to look up information about cell organelles, and record it in a chart, found on the worksheet.  There were also a few organelles, listed at the bottom of the page, that required you do some internet research to locate the information.
Microscope Sketch

Assigned: Oct 11th

Due: Oct 17th

For this activity you were provided with a template, on which you were to create a proper drawing (as described in lesson 6) of a flower pedal under a microscope.  This drawing was to be submitted for feedback. For students who did not get their drawing done in class, they can make their drawing from images found in this folder.
Plant Cells - Onion Skin

Assigned: Oct 12th

Due: With Binder

This task was to document your findings when we looked at onion skin under the microscope.  You were provided with a lab sheet, on which you could record your information.  Images taken during this experiment may be found here.
Cells Information

Assigned: Oct 12th

Due: With Binder

This exercise was done at the same time as the onion skin work.  Half of the students were on the microscopes, the other half used our the text book, Science Power 8, to read about cells.  You were given a series of questions to answer, documenting the information you read.  Once done you were asked to continue to study cell organelles.
Cheek Cells Observations

Assigned: Oct 19th

Due: With Binder

For this activity you were provided an instruction sheet to guide you trough obtaining a sample and making observations of your own cheek cells.  On the instruction sheet you were asked to make some specific observations.  It is those observations, including two drawings, that should be in your binder.
Plant vs Animal Cells Questions

Assigned: Oct 19th

Due: See Google Classroom







After viewing examples of both plant and animal cells under the microscope, you were asked to answer three questions as homework:
  1. Based on what we have learned, what differences are there between plant and animal cells?
  2. Based on your observations, what differences have you noticed between plan and animal cells?
  3. Why do you think these differences (the ones you mentioned in questions 1 and 2) exist?

These questions were found at the end of lesson 10.

Creek Water Observations

Assigned: Oct 21st

Due: With Binder

Similar to the cheek cells activity, you were given an instruction sheet.  This time you were looking at creek water, trying to find single celled organisms.  Your binder should contain the observations you made.
How Cells Get Energy

Assigned: Oct 24th

Due: With Binder

To look at the way in which cells get energy you were to read some information about cellular respiration.  You were to answer a series of questions to document what you read.  We took up the answers to those questions in class, and then again you were to use any remaining time to study your organelles.
Cellular Reproduction Questions

Assigned: Oct 26th

Due: Day it was assigned

This lesson involved me reading/discussion a significant amount of information.  The task given to you was designed to make sure you maintained focus throughout.  This assignment was actually a quiz that you were to answer as I gave the lesson.  All answers were discussed in class, allowing you to answer your quiz questions as the information was taught.
Cell Membrane Note

Assigned: Oct 28th

Due: With Binder

There were two stages to this assignment.  Initially each student was given a small section of information and was asked to copy out their information into a shared document.  Once all of that information was properly recorded, it read as a set of instructions, guiding you to complete a note on cell membranes.  The second stage of the task was to follow those instructions, completing your individual note.  The note is what you should have in your binder.

Assigned: Nov 2nd

Due: With Binder

This task was to practise finding the equilibrium state through a semi-permeable membrane.  The worksheet contained a series of solutions, all of which were out of equilibrium.  You were to follow the example provided to show how you could balance each of the examples.  Be sure you know how to document the work required to find the equilibrium state.
Investigating Cancer

Assigned: Nov 3rd

Due: With Binder

For this assignment you were to read some information about cancer and answer a series of questions.  The answers to those questions were discussed in class.
Tissue Note

Assigned: Nov 9th

Due: With Binder

This task was completed as a group, the note was a shared document in your drive.  In groups of ~4 you were to have created a document to record information about tissues.  I then presented you with ten questions, one at a time, and you researched answers for those questions.  My answers for these questions were also shared.  In then end you had a note based on tissues that was to be printed for your binder.
Celery Experiment

Assigned: Nov 10th

Due: With Binder


For this worksheet you were to document your findings from our vascular tissue experiment.  Prior to doing this work we placed celery in some water with food colouring.  We then cross-sectioned the celery and viewed it under the microscope.  The worksheet involved writing out observations, producing a couple drawings, and answering a couple discussion questions.  Make sure that you have completed all components of this activity.
End of Unit Review

Assigned: Nov 14th

Due: Nov 21st (84, 83)

Nov 22nd (81, 82)

Two weeks prior to our end of unit test you were given a set of questions that cover the entire unit.  You are to complete these questions and bring them to class, complete, on the due date.  On that day we will take up the questions, discussing the answers.  Those who choose not to do the review will not be part of the take-up session, but instead will work on the sheet in an alternate location.

These questions cover the unit in its entirety, it is a great study tool to prepare for the final test.