Welcome to Grade 8 Science class.  Here you will find all of the information you will need to get through this year.  I will be creating an individual webpage for each of the units we will be studying, which you can get to by simply clicking on these links:

Science Introduction

Understanding Life Systems - Cells

Understanding Matter and Energy - Fluids

Understanding Structures and Mechanisms - Systems in Action

Design and Technology - Hydraulic System Design Project

Understanding Earth and Space Systems - Water Systems

*Note:  I will only insert the link once we have started a unit, and I will leave links active after a unit is complete. 

In grade 8 science your mark will be composed from four areas, as listed below. 


On Wednesday of every week there will be a quiz to start the class.  The quiz will take no more than ten minutes.  Information about the quizzes will be posted outside of the science room, as well as on this webpage, approximately five days prior to the quiz.  Many times the actual quiz questions are posted.




Throughout the year assignments will be done both in class and as homework.  These are tasks that should not take a large quantity of your time, but are important to have complete.  Not all assignments will be collected right away, however they will be checked for completeness when your science binders are collected.  The information for each assignment will be posted on this webpage.


Projects/Lab Reports


For each unit there will be one or two bigger tasks to be completed.  Sometimes these will be in the form of a project (building something, or planning a presentation) or sometimes they will be lab reports.  The criteria for these projects will be available on this webpage.




At the end of each of our units there will be a unit test.  These test will take multiple periods to write.  However, as was explained to you on the first day, you will have several opportunities to prepare yourself through in class review and extra help time, and you will be fully informed of exactly what is on the test prior to writing it.



Please remember that you will need to keep your science work in your science notebook.  You will need to be sure you complete all of your work, even if it is not assigned a specific due date.  Lastly, you need to constantly show that you use safe science practises while in the classroom in order to be able to perform experiments.


Here is a link to The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1-8, for Science and Technology