I have had several people e-mail me, asking about contributing to the funding of this site.  Let me first state that the materials I have posted on MrCollinson.ca are free for anyone who wishes to use them, and they will always remain that way.  I have put advertising on the site, in an attempt to fund the cost of having to move to a private server.  However, the ads aren't quite cutting it, so I decided to put this option up.  I am by no means requesting donations, but at this point I am not saying no.

I have set up a PayPal button below for those who wish to make a donation.  Again, I do not expect contributions, it is only for those who wish to do so.

Thank you so much for your offer, and for helping me keep these free science resources online for everyone to share.  I will continue to build upon what I have, and to help support the science needs of teachers everywhere.



Michael Collinson