Definitions - Introduction / Safety

These are the current definitions that you should be studying.  Updated September 6th.


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Science Knowledge of general facts, laws and relationships that is obtained through systematic observation and experimentation.
Purpose The scientific reason the experiment is being
conducted. Should include a reference to both the
independent variable and dependent variable.
Hypothesis An educated guess as to what the outcome of the
experiment will be. Must relate the two variables. It
should also provide reasoning to your thoughts.
Equipment A bulleted list of all of the materials required to perform the experiment.
Procedure A numbered, step-by-step list of the actions taken in
order to complete the experiment.
Safety Precautions Actions taken to ensure the safety of all those involved in the experiment.
Independent Variable The factors of the experiment that are being tested.
The scientist chooses to change the independent
Dependent Variable The factors of the experiment that are being measured.  The scientist has no control over the change of the dependent variable.
Constant Conditions The factors of the experiment that are not permitted to change. These are things that, if they changed, would affect the outcomes of the experiment. There are often multiple constant conditions.
Control A set of factors used to eliminate error in an experiment, a starting point, something to which you can compare your results.
Observations Information obtained from the experiment by using your senses. The words "I think" should never appear in observations.
Data Measurements or statistics obtained from the
experiment by using instruments or tallying.
Discussion Ideas/information obtained from an experiment. This
will include personal thoughts and should draw upon
knowledge of the topic.
Sources of Error Things that change in the experiment, affecting the
results, that are out of the scientists control.
Conclusion A final statement indicating the outcome of the
experiment in terms of the hypothesis. It should include reference to the hypothesis, including both the independent and dependent variables.