Definitions - Structural Strength and Stability

These are the current definitions that you should be studying.  Updated March 27th.



Force A push or pull that could cause motion.  Measured in Newtons (N)
Mass Structure A structure that is made by the piling up of materials.
Frame Structure A type of structure in which a skeleton of materials supports the weight of the other parts.
Shell Structure A type of structure that obtains its strength from a thin, carefully shaped outer layer of material that requires no internal frame.
Manufactured Structure An object or a structure that is made by humans.
Natural Structure An object or structure that is not made by humans.
Column A vertical support.
Beam A horizontal support.
Laminate A material made by pressing or gluing layers of materials together.
Corrugated A layered material in which the middle is folded into a series of triangles to provide extra strength.
Properties The characteristics of materials.
Composite Material A material made up of different materials, with different properties, to fulfil a specific purpose.
Mobile Joint A joint that is designed to allow movement.
Rigid Joint A joint designed to hold an object in place.
Adhesive A sticky substance that is used to hold objects or materials together.
Mass The amount of matter in a substance.
Weight The force of gravity exerted on a mass.
Structural Efficiency The mass a structure can hold divided by the mass of the structure.