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Teachers, I have adapted my student webpage to contain information that you can use. I cannot post my tests, as students will undoubtedly find them here.


Science book. The following is a list of things that you should have in your science

binder for this unit.  Updated as of June 11th 2012.



Heat Title Page

Definitions Page (wordlist may be found here)

Temperature Measurement (a copy may be found here)

Expansion Question Answers (the questions may be found here)




Other Documents. There may be other documents that will be used in this unit, they are not expected to be in your binder, but will be put here for your reference.  Updated as of June 14th 2012.


Temperature Measurement Info (a copy may be found here)

Energy Note (a copy may be found here)

Heat Capacity Note (a copy may be found here)



Weekly Quiz.  We will be continuing to have our weekly quiz this term, in an attempt to help you keep on top of the learning.  The quiz questions are posted outside of my room, as well as here, at least 5 days prior to the quiz.

This week  (June 15th) - The following are your quiz questions this week:

Why is energy not considered matter?
What is thermal pollution?
What is cogeneration?


Next week  (June 22nd) - The following are your quiz questions this week:

1. Will a balloon placed into a freezer get bigger or smaller?
2. What has a higher heat capacity, a glass of water or a bath tub filled with water?
3. What has a higher specific heat capacity, a glass of water or a bath tub filled with water?
4. Why is it strange that water expands when it becomes ice? (2 marks)


Assignments.  These are the assignments that have been assigned for this unit.  If there is no due date set, you will not submit it, simply complete it and have it in your binder.

Heat Title Page

Assigned May 13th

You are required to make a title page for the start of this unit.  The page must have the words "Heat in the Environment" on it.  It is up to you to decide what else you would like to do to it.


Temperature Measurement

Assigned May 24th

For this task you were to read some information about different tools that measure temperature.  You were then to record information from that reading on a worksheet.