Due October 30th

Here are the instructions you received prior to going on the eco-sampling:

Here are the instructions of what you need to do for your lab report, including discussion questions you should answer:

Here is the rubric that will be used for you lab report:

Here is a checklist that you can use to help you make sure you have done everything needed for your lab report:


I have shared a folder with you on your Google drive, it is titled "Eco-Sampling Pictures."  In that folder you will find all of the pictures I took while at the creek.  Please feel free to add your images as well, so that everyone has access to them for their report.

I would love to add more pictures, if you have any please upload them to the folder.  The more we have, the better it will be for all of the reports.


Here are links that will take you to the pictures from the eco-samplings completed in previous years.  You are welcome to use any of these images as part of your observations, as they would be the same species that you most likely found.




Prior to 2016 we did not use Google Drive, so the pictures are stored on an external site.  Read the following instructions to access them:


     1.  Click on a year below to open that year's page of pictures.

     2.  For log-in (if it prompts you) use the following:

                    e-mail address:  student@tuck.ca

                    password:  science