When you think of a reflection, you most likely think first of a mirror.  Most mirrors are sheets of glass with one side covered in a thin layer of metal.  However, if you look in an older dictionary you can find that “mirror” is simply a reflecting surface.  However, there is much more to reflected light than mirrors.
Reflectors have become an important safety tool, specifically used on the roads.  Below you will find a series of pictures and videos that will show you how reflected light is being used to keep people safe.  Once you have looked at the pictures, and watched the videos, you have two tasks to complete, both of which are listed at the bottom of this webpage. 






This first video shows some road side reflectors that help a driver see where the road is heading.  Note that these are not lights, they are simply reflecting the light from the car.


This video is similar to the first, but the reflectors are placed in the road, again helping the driver to follow the curves of the road.


In this video there are no reflectors on the side of the road, however a special reflecting paint has been used.  Watch the video through, as it will show you what the normal paint looks like in the day and what the special paint looks like in the day.  The video will then also show both at night.  What a difference!  I know I would prefer to have the reflecting paint.


This next video shows a test that a bike rider did to see how well his vest works.  He had someone sit in a car with the headlights on, he then road his bike down the road, turned around, and came back.  How far away can you see him when he is riding back?



And if you are truly wanting to make sure you are seen!!!

(A bit extreme if you ask me.)



  1. Write a paragraph to explain how reflected light has been used to keep us safe.  Use the ideas above to help you think.  Don't forget to explain the "why" or "how."

  2. Make an advertisement for a product that uses reflected light.  You may choose one of the products shown above, or you may thing of another product that uses reflected light.  If you really want to be creative, invent your own, new, product.